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Rely on us to repair and replace your broken windows

Do you have a broken window or door?

With comprehensive double glazing repairs and replacement services for your windows and doors, you’ll be sure to find we have a solution to your problem. From replacing misted/steamed double glazed units to carrying out repairs to hinges, handle and locking strips on existing windows and doors, we’ve got all eventualities covered.

First class secondary glazing

If double glazing isn’t an option for your property, you can still save money on your heating bills and reduce outside noise with secondary glazing. Working in tandem with your current glazing, we can supply you with modern secondary glazing that is energy efficient whilst maintaining the look of your current windows.

Rely on us to fix problems with your windows or doors:

  • Misted/steamed up double glazing
  • Broken glass
  • Damaged hinges, handles or locking strips
  • Damaged door infill panels
  • Old, inefficient double glazing

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Get your double glazing repaired or replaced by a professional

From repairing a single double glazed unit to supplying an entire building’s worth of replacement door handles, call us on 01724 270 441