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Durable and contemporary commercial aluminium doors

Does your business get a lot of foot traffic?

If you are looking for reliable doors for shops, schools and public buildings or any other place where doors are frequently in use, our commercial aluminium doors provide the perfect solution. You’ll find that they are durable and strong and will stand the test of time in providing reliability over many years.

Styles to suit your property

All of our aluminium doors are available as either single or double doors and have a huge range of powder coat colours to choose from. These doors can be fitted with a wide variety of hardware and access control systems to provide the perfect solution for your requirements.

Hard working aluminium doors

You can rest assured that standard single and double doors, as well as sliding aluminium doors, all feature the same smooth operation. Guaranteed to stand up to the stresses and strains of everyday operation, you won’t need to worry about sticking or warped door and frames. It’ll be a long time before you even think about replacing it.

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2015-01-23 03:32:48

Aluminium doors with safety, security and style

Looking for the ideal door for a commercial property? Call us today on 01724 270 441